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Quotes I have taken my car to Jake a handful of times. Each time, no matter if the problem is little or big, he takes the time to listen to me explain the issue I am having with the car, he's respectful, and gets my car fixed quickly. The prices can't be beat. I highly recommend him. Quotes
Missie D.
Happy Customer

Quotes When I picked up my 84 Jetta back in the summer as a daily driver and some autocrossing, I had to replace the head gasket and mend a busted tail light. After going to six junkyards in one day, I came across The Shop. Jake was the only one with a tail light, also he gave me some helpful tips about the head gasket. To make a long story short I did the work, wasn't running right , got Jake to look at, found block was cracked. Now he is rebuilding a '95 2.0L motor for me. All the mechanics I have talked to about my Jetta, asked me why I wanted to do this to an old VW, but Jake's been on board the whole time and understands what my goals are. While he had my motor, he surprised me with a few upgrades, like a bigger CAM and a Windage Tray. For competition or just daily use I can count on Jake. Quotes
Mike Chilcote
Grateful Regular Customer

Quotes My truck blew it's trans, not having a whole lot of money at the time my sisters friend sold me a infiniti G20, and said her mechanic told her it would be about $1500 to pass inspection. My Dad told me about Jake and The Shop so I took the car there, $600 later my car was through inspection and on the road running GREAT. Not being mechanically inclined I hate it when a mechanic tells me what is wrong and I have no clue what he just said. Jake took me step by step and I actually understood what needed to be done. If you want fair, honest, and dependable work done by a fair, honest place of business without feeling you are being taken for a ride you need to take your car to The Shop. Thanks Jake Quotes
Jim Oldach
Satisfied Lifetime Customer

Quotes Jake over at The SHOP Autowerx, has been great at keeping my 95 M3, 92 VR Corrado, and 87 16v GTI in great running condition. His ablity to fabricate parts that do not exist for conversions is TOP rate and to be a mechanic, he has even done well with some required body work on all three cars. Quotes
Adrian Trujillo
Lifetime Customer!!

Quotes Jake is a very honest and trustful person, I have ever met in the auto repair industry. I needed help on my sons car in the frederick area, and jake was recomended . I live out of town called him , about the problem and he made the problem go away . The price he quoted was great and he lived up to it . My son now has a person in that area he can trust for future auto needs . I wish Jake much sucess in his repair business Bob Spangler Marion Station Maryland Quotes
Robert Spangler
satisfied guy

Quotes I first met Jake at a very reputable shop in town. He was always very pleasant and patient with me and took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve. During the earlier years I had ventured away from the shop Jake worked for as getting appointments there became a challenge. I tried another shop and never got the same feeling of being listened to or understood. They truly appreciated my willingness to spend. I went back to get more ideas from Jake and discovered he had moved on. However the owner of that shop still spoke very highly of Jake and even referred me to where he was now working. Jake had landed at a shop in Walkersville and was doing very well with them. I know this to be true as I had inquired about buying the station that included the shop. I believe it is Jakes love of VW's that took him to his next stop. It is my trust in him that will keep me following him. So if you are in search of an honest trust worthy mechanic, you should look no further. Quotes
Dan Smith
Look no further

Quotes I met Jake at a local car gathering in Hanover, PA and learned of his knowledge of all cars in general. I then found out about "The Shop" and the services that is done there. I decided to give them a call when I had a problem with my Audi and had them take care of it for me. The work was done fast, the quality is spot on and the customer service was awesome! Needless to say, I've taken my cars there numerous times and had the same quality, speed and reasonable cost every time! I would recommend "The Shop" to anyone looking for a repair or custom work done. Quotes
Tory W.
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes I've been going to The Shop to get work done to both my cars(VW and Nissan) for about two years now. Met the owner at a local car get together and he told me if I ever needed work done to give him a call. I've been very satisfied with the quality of work done at The Shop every time I go. Jake is very honest and reasonable with you and is a great guy overall. I would honestly recommend his services to anyone. Quotes
Brian Z.
Regular Customer