Brian Z's 20th 1.8T


APR chipped, APR 3” Turbo back exhaust, R1 Diverter valve, Carbonio intake, Air suspension(Bagyard Bombers with AccuAir StageII Auto-leveling Management), Mercedes Benz Brabus Monoblocks IV's(18x8.5/18x9.5)


Adrian T's 1995 BMW M3

Coilover suspension, 18x8 18x9 RIAL Staggard Wheels


Adrain T's 1992 Corrado VR6

Coilover suspension, 17x8 17x10 AZEV Staggard Wheels, P-Flow intake, EuroSport 2.50" Exhaust, TT Chip, Samco Hose kit (Blue), B&M Short shift kit


Justin H's 2010 Jetta TDI

Airlift XL, Accuair E-Level, more info to come


Mike C.                            84 Jetta, OBD1 ABA 4dr ( aka "The Chilcart" )

Adam W.                         84 Jetta OEM Minus Budget Build

Mike C.                            84 Jetta Turbo diesel       ( aka "The Chitlin'" )

Dan "Dennis" L.              07 Slammed all Static 07 MKVI Jetta 

Ellen "The Shop Mom"   96 MK3 Cabrio

Curtis J.                          88 Mk2 Jetta( or whatever he's driving at the time )

James J.                         07 MKVI Rabbit